7 Aspects to Think About Before Making Changes

Are you happy for your life? Think about what you achieved, do you feel dissatisfaction? Do you really need changes?  Of course you do, we are all imperfect! There are certainly rooms for improvement.

So, are we going to write down our goals or resolutions? NO! How can you plan without planning? (it sounds a bit complicated)

Self evaluation 

Before starting any project, it is necessary to get the whole picture on the current status: a background check.

The question is: how to evaluate yourself? What are you suppose to focus on? (You know, it may take years to review your life)

There are 7 aspects I come up with that you should look into, some suggested questions are provided under each aspect for assistance. Please answer all questions (and try to make up your own) to figure out your weakness. Remember: be honest to yourself.


Aspect 1: Career (if you are a student, think about your studying)

  • Do you satisfy on your salary, job title?
  • As far as you can see, will you get promoted within 2 years?
  • Are you under-qualified for promotion?
  • Can you imagine if you stay in current company for 10 years? do you feel comfortable for that?
  • How often are you work overtime?
  • Are you manage your time efficiently?
  • Can you foresee the prospects of your career?
  • Do you work overloading with clutter (desk, computer, diary and mind)?

Aspect 2: Family Relationship

  • Do you happy and loved with your family?
  • Are you sometimes being rude to them, or take them for granted?
  • Touch wood, if this is the last moment for your life, are there anything you regret with them?
  • Think about how your parents took care of you, do you do the same (or better) with them?
  • Do you happy if your children treat you when you old, as the way you did to your parents?
  • If there is a chance to revise your life, will you treat them as the way you do now?

Aspect 3: Friendship

  • How many real friends do you have?
  • Do you enjoy socializing and meeting new people?
  • Have you got the right balance between work, family and friends?
  • Have you ever gossip your friends behind their back?
  • When people are in trouble, anyone come to you at the first place?
  • Are you sincerely appreciate and care what they do?

Aspect 4: Romantic Relationship

  • Do you enjoy your own company?
  • Do you look after yourself?
  • Are you open to being loved?
  • Do you hold back parts of your past?
  • Are you scared of commitment?
  • How often are you arguing with your partner?
  • Do you feel secure in the relationship?
  • Do you want a divorce or break-up?

Aspect 5: Health

  • Do you exercise regularly?
  • What stops you from exercising?
  • Do you eat healthily?
  • Do you sleep well?
  • Are you over-weighted or under-weighted?
  • How often do you have body check?
  • Look into the mirror, do you love your figure?

Aspect 6: Financial

  • Do you know your real property/assets?
  • Do you know how much you really need?
  • Did you usually feel guilty after spending money?
  • Are your debt in control?
  • Anybody complaint that you spend too much?
  • Did you lose from investment?

Aspect 7: Happiness

  • Are you happy?
  • Are you bored or tired on your daily life?
  • Do you like trying new things?
  • What makes you laugh?
  • What is the last time you laugh?
  • How can you feel relaxed?
  • Are you easily feeling stress or worry?
  • ….


By reviewing on myself, I’m not the worst, but I’m certainly not good enough! May be, I can make changes and improvement. So, let’s go over what I’m doing badly:


I got promotion last year and pretty high salary in my field already, but I believed there will be no more promotion in the future (at least I can’t see the picture). I started losing my passion, should I look for another job?


I have stop studying academically for 3 years (I used to keep part-time studying for years after graduated); My efficiency of studying is very low, even when I have passion, it takes a long time to go through materials and understanding.

Languages: Probably you notice from my articles, that my writing is not good enough, with repeated vocabularies and uncountable grammatical mistakes.  I should speak and write fluently in English after 3x years studying (I won’t tell you that I’m already …. years old, that’s women’s secret).

What I want to learn but never start/finish?
I always want to learn something new, but I procrastinated! There is always a waiting list in my mind:

  • English
  • German: I love this language, it sounds so great
  • Linguistics: I had come across a distance learning course in linguistics (focus in English), but somehow I dropped it after 3/4 finished (Don’t blame me, please!)
  • English Literature: I admire people studying literature, but it is problem for me especially when I cannot understand many vocabularies (It discouraging me when I referred every single word in the dictionary)
  • Philosophy: It is the beginning of every science. It would be interesting to know how the philosophers explained and understand the world and life by observations and imagination.
  • History: I love to know the history of the true Dracula, Vlad Tepes,  in the middle century.  (I have a tiny book collection about him and read through some materials and studies)
  • Museum study: I have librarianship background and it would be good to in-touch with related subjects.
  • Knowledge management: related to librarianship again, and it is still unsolvable on how to dual with human knowledge.
  • Public Policy or Political: the political issues are getting heat in HK, it should be better for understand how the government function.

I could still list out on and on ….. Look! Isn’t it awesome if I could learn all these? But in the reality, how should I manage it?

Alright, I can’t done all these, then how should I prioritize?

Family Relationship: 

I have pretty good relationship with my family,but I realized I should have being nicer and considerate with my parents. I have not spend enough time on them (especially my father, we seldom talk, like most Chinese family).

Also, I have not spend enough time on my dog, Bau Bau (see my picture), I am her everything. She always be so nice to me, and trust me whatever I told her. She deserves more!


It is suck! I have only a couple of friends (not very closed, indeed) . Normally I spent time on my own: go shopping, relaxing, exercising…

Romantic Relationship:

I was single for years! A few months before, I have just met my boyfriend and started our love story. But he is a workaholic who hardly have time for me, it makes me upset sometimes.


I like junk food, and I’m kind of obsess in chocolate, just can’t imagine without it!

For exercise, I used to running at gym 3 times a week. Now, I sometimes go to running (at gym), Thai boxing, yoga, funky dance or golf by fun only, without regular basis.


Just take a look at the bank accounts…I sigh with speechless


Am I happy? I’m not unhappy, but I’m not happy! Sometimes I feel bored and easily get worry at new environment.

I love painting, but I dropped my painting courses 3 years ago. May be, I should pick my brushes up again.

I started wasting time on browsing Internet without any proposes, what on earth am I doing?


Please look carefully on yourself, see what you are dissatisfied? what you should have been better?

You might have come up a long list (I hope you don’t). But this is necessary before any step, don’t list out your resolution without understanding yourself.


2 thoughts on “7 Aspects to Think About Before Making Changes

  1. I just want to mention I’m newbie to weblog and definitely enjoyed your blog. Very likely I’m likely to bookmark your blog post . You absolutely have outstanding stories. Thanks a lot for sharing your webpage.

    • Thanks so much for your comment, I will keep sharing my experience. Recently I came across many amazing blog posts and videos that inspired me a lot, I will summarize in here and see if anyone like it.

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