Is Information Overwhelming You?

Here you are! After we figured out our weaknesses, decide the goals as specific as you can that we would like to accomplished and make sure you are able to achieve.

Note: it is not necessary to improve all of them (Don’t kid yourself, it is not possible!). Just choose which parts you would like to focus and how you get that.

Let’s move it….

This is the most familiar part that we all do it every Jan and give up on Feb.  We might set resolution on losing 20lbs, get A grade in exam, double our income…and we were excited to achieving it. Do you, however, remember what did it turn out to be on Feb (or a week later)? We lost our passion, procrastinated and just dropped it.

(This is the human of nature, we all procrastinated! Regarding to the problems of procrastination, we will talk about it later.)

You are new age person with high technology sense, you might search on goals setting  in order to avoid the pattern (goals set and failed). But it comes up with an ocean of search results, there are just too many instructions on goal setting and achievement.


So, how would you going to due with this?

How I’m going to progress?

As mentioned, I’m going to walk you through how I practically improve my life. For my every movement and decision, I will research information on each topic, by reading books, joining online courses on personal development, and internet search (of course including blogs). After all, just see what I get and how it helps. 

This blog will get you updated on the technique  I summarize and how my progress. I will try to combine all those I get and share with you.

I paid (course fee) and you get (knowledge)!

I gonna name it “Integrated Development Program  1.0, (IDP1.0)” It sounds cool, right? 

I named it version 1.0 since it is very primarily and experimental, which should be modified and enhanced in the future (after I learn more from the experts or you are welcome to share what your experience  in changing your busy life, we might work it out better.)

I will select many tools helping on each phase of IDP1.0, and the tools will be broke down into components. I might probably introduce and use one component for each post due to the easier presentation. Therefore it might takes a longer time to see the whole picture of a complete step. Please be patient.

So, are you ready of this? …… See you at my next post.


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