Study with Full Time Job: Time Management Disaster

Nowadays, people keep studying after university graduated, we urge to obtain a post-graduate or professional qualification. Many HK people work full time + overtime + studying after work, such as MBA, MSc, ACCA, CPE, CPA….

I personally went through around 6 years in the life of (working + OT + studying), I didn’t think it was tough, especially when I was studying something I interested. I was actually quite enjoyable taking those courses. But I did spend almost all my personal life and time on the part-time studied.

Below, I would like to share my study time disaster….


Recently I watched a video “Organizing Your Study Skills”, it brought out some time management problems for students (could be applied on part-time or self learner like me).

According to the video, people spent 12 hours/day on living normally, such as sleeping, eating, travelling, errands & hygiene. Thus we only got 12 hours/day for our working, studying & gathering.

Thus, we got 12hrs/day ==  84hrs/week for working, studying & gathering.

It provided a simple formula to estimating the available study time:
[Course Unit + (Unit x2) + Working hours/week] should be around 56
we use (Unit x2) because educational guideline given that each unit requires 2 hrs/week on studying outside the class

Here is my studying time analysis:

Course unit:   10  (in my case)
+ (unit x2)  :   20
+ working hour/week: 50 (in my case)
===total: 80hrs/week

It is awful! See how crazy it is! How can I spent almost all my hours on studying? Quoted from the video, “It makes it a joke…this is a BUSY BUSY schedule!”

Under the concept of this theory, most HK people SHOULD NOT STUDY after work because we all have long working hours! But without a sufficient academic background, we are not possible to get promotion or even survive in any industry nowadays. Note that I still haven’t mention the continuous educational cost is how ridiculously high in HK, most of us are under debt by education, housing and living problems.

This is a huge problem for us. Coming soon, I am going to summarize the time management techniques that I’ve learnt and see how it is implement at my situation.

See you at my next post for my progress…


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