8 Ways to Clear Your Mind

Are you struggling in your work, family, study or finance?

Do you feel upset from your tedious life?

Is there anything agonizing you?

Why not take a break…you definitely looking for tranquility! Here are 8 ways help you to clear you mind, rest for while. Go try it and let you body and mind rest for a while.

Of course it cannot solve your problems directly, but you might have fresh ideas and points of view after decluttering your mind.

1, Painting

You don’t have to be a painter, you are still able to enjoy the journey of arts. No matter oil painting, acrylic, or even a sketch. During the journey in the Arts world, you can simply empty your mind. All the negative ideas will gone.

2, Drink a cup of hot water

Yes, water, not coffee or anything else. Don’t drink water only when you are thirsty, drinking water can instantly moisture our body and mind. Hold a cup of hot water, or simply place it in front of you, watch how the steam evaporate. Imaging all your annoyances are evaporating, smelling the odor of clean water, feeling relax.

If possible, please avoid ice water, icy is not healthy for our internal organs especially for females.

3, Take a deep breath

Stop what you are doing and struggling with, go out to countryside if possible, take a deep breath slowly. Fresh air  brings you oxygen which can helps on calm you down, try to taste the fresh air (yes! taste! fresh air is tasteful, go try it)

4, Walk you dog, or take a walk on yourself

Dogs are always our best friends, if you have a dog, you should definitely agree with me. If you don’t have pet, go walk on yourself, try to enjoy the moment of your own accompany. Take a break and away with your current chaotic situation, even for a while only, you will see the whole in a different point of view.

5, Go to a place where you are unfamiliar

When people go at a unfamiliar location, you focus will be more alerted  and will switch to the new environment, rather than staying at your mess.

6, Exercise

Go for running, tennis, swimming, gym, or even a boxing. Exercising can causes the body to produce endorphin, which make you clam and happy. You can try any type of exercise you like, it helps much on you body and mind! How can you ignore it?!

7, Watch a movie

Go to the cinema or simply pick up your a DVD and put into your player. A great movie should able to drive your mind into the story, you will follow the steps on every moves.

8, Read a good book

Pick up a good book and start to read! You will find yourself fall into a different world — imagination, everything of your mess is no longer your business until you put down the book.  Different from movie which provides you images and sound, but you have total control on your visual and audio received from reading. It allows the brain to think for itself, not your mess anymore.


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