Ways to stay focus – Part 1

Why there are some people more productive? They are just able to work faster… Why?

One of the reasons is about concentration, usually we are easily be distracted during working (or studying), it is definitely important for how we stay focus.  This article is the part one on helping you how to focusing your mind.

The ways of focusing are basically divided into 2 sections, the 1st section is about external — Environment.

If you want to keep focus at your office, this part might not help you much as most setting of the environment is probably out of your control. But if you are a student,  working as home office, or study after work. You can being focus by simply changing the environment. Here are some tips:

Assign a constant location for working

Of course, tablet or laptop is so convenience, you can carry whenever or wherever. But it is just not work if you use it on the sofa with TV.

It is definitely important if you have a place for working, keep that area tidy and organized, with all necessary resources, thus you start working whenever you want to.

If possible, assign a working desk for your own or even a study room (or home office).

Keep apart from all interference

When you assign your working location, it is better to keep distant from TV or anything that disturbing you.  We are humans, our attention is easily  jammed by the environment, don’t blame yourself for this but you should preventing it happening, by keeping your work area apart from all interference.

Light a fancy candle

It is not for lighting, but about habits and subconscious. Every time you start working, try light up a candle (you might prefer some fancy design for decoration as well). After a certain of time (depends on how frequency you work with), you mind would subconsciously turn into working mode whenever you light it up.

But please be aware don’t put candle too  close to the paperwork, just make it safe!

Set time for concentration 

Before starting, give yourself a limit of time for concentration, let says 50 mins (don’t set 3 hours, you can’t accomplish!). You can set a timer (or kitchen timer works as well) to remind you when time up. During this 50 mins, keep work on your project and switch off you mobile, log-out facebook and instant message (be honest, you don’t need them!). Just work!

For easier, you can take baby steps, by setting the working time from 15 mins, take a break, and get back for 25 mins, take a break again.By slightly increase the working time, and remind to give yourself breaks.

Assign a waiting area for information

If any documents or messages come in during your work, put it into a specific area, which can be a box or in-tray, whatever it suits you.  If it is intangible, such as voice message or a idea just come up your mind, jot it down on a memo and place it in waiting.

When it is times up, you can go back to the waiting area.

These are the part 1 on how to focusing by controlling the environment. If you have any more suggestions, please leave a message below for sharing.


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