Ways to stay focus – Part 2

After the last article that we discuss about the external section of how to focus, we are now going in depth: the internal section.

Let’s first define what is the internal here: it is the physical and mental aspects of your body. Apart from the external environment, you should be able to fully control these internal section.

Sleep well

Many people believe all humans require 7-8 sleeping hours everyday, I can’t disagree with this, but I don’t agree with this. There is actually no consistent scientific approval about how much hours should we sleep. I believe we are all different, for example, you might sleep six hours a day just if you feel energetic and good enough. It is about the quality of sleep. Just look around, some people around you cannot concentrate without ten hours sleep, but some can work well and be awaken for all day long with only 5 hours sleep. So, it is all about the quality more than quantity.

Our brainwaves changes from Beta to Delta. To make it simple, here is the how the brainwaves changes:

Beta – conscious state of mind: awake, learning, working..
Alpha – relaxed state of body (not sleeping)
Theta – relaxed state of mind: sleeping and dreaming..
Delta – unconscious state of mind: deep sleep

Your conscious mind and body can be rested and recharged when you are in Delta brainwaves. Many people need ten hours sleeping because they get into the phase of Alpha and Theta brainwaves for too long. If they can fall into deep sleep (Delta phase) 2 hours early, they could wake up in full energy hours ahead. And actually we only need 4 hours in Delta phase for our brain and body to rest.

Thus what you need here is improving or retaining your sleeping quality. If you have sleepless problem, please go for help.


When our brain cells dehydrated, we feel sluggish and information flows difficult since our brain. Drinking enough water is essential to fuel the brain and energize the body.

Just note that drinking other beverages to replace water is not an option, water is irreplaceable. Of cause,  soups, or meals with a high vegetable content can also help but you still need to drink water.

And try to keep track of daily water intake by simply placing a glass or bottle of water next to you. Don’t drink until you feel thirsty (by the time you feel thirsty your body has lost between 2 and 5 cups of water).

Mini-goal setting

Before you work, set the goal clearly by asking yourself:

How many hours (or minutes) you are going to spend on this?
How much work you would like to finish?
What results you would like to get by the end of your working?

It works much easier  when people know where they are going to.

Passionate on your work

This is a bit tricky, you must admit that you can easily focus on interesting work. The point here is finding the passion or the interesting  part of your work. Everything can be interesting, just depends on how you manage it. So, trying to fall in love with your work, nothing can distract you afterward.

Just do it

Just do what you plan to do, and believe you are going to complete it. When you truly believe that you are going to work for period of time, you mindset will turn into a “working mode”. The more you believe, the easier you get into focusing.

Here is my experience, I become quarantine from everything outside my work, I cannot hear the music playing and realize the time past. Nothing except my work is relate to me anymore.

The tips here are so simple, you should be able to accomplish and as I said above, they are all in your control.


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