Passion of studying

Continue with my 2013 Resolution Projects, this is another most popular project that come up my mind, for all years. I’m using the term “studying” instead of “learning” because I enjoy being a student.

It is interesting that I used to believe I would not study any more after secondary school (similar as high school in US) since I didn’t enjoy my school life. I was unmotivated and aimless, just gathered with classmates walking around (not the type of bad students but certainly not the good one, I believed no teachers would remembered who I was at all) I didn’t know what I was doing for that 5 years!

But lucky I got a chance to study the Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, that my life had been changed. I found my interests and somehow satisfied at my college life (by the way, I have never been a straight A student).

And now, you might not agree with, but I like reading course material and taking note, much more than learning a particular skill or sport.

How to be passionate at studying/learning?

I know there are many people struggling in studying, who might never getting back to study after graduate, could not find out their interests in studying. Therefore here we would like to share the traits on how to explore our passion of learning…

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Writing Goals

As you are reading this post, get interests from the title: Writing Goals, I assume that you like writing as well. Writing is always one of my passion since I was a child, I loved reading and wanted to express myself by words, it provides a unlimited imaginary space. I just always  think of being a writer, making wishes on writing every year, but…. I procrastinating for life!

As a general small potato in Hong Kong, I work in the environment using Chinese. There aren’t many chances in using English after I graduate. Until recent years, I have feeling that my English is lagging behind since I haven’t been using it often in my daily life. I feel insecure and definitely would like to improve  it asap!!! What I can come up with are reading and writing in English for practicing. Thus I spend more time on reading English novels, non-fictions, and blog articles. And I started writing journal in English from last year, for building a writing habit up.

Most of the time, I enjoy my time in journaling, putting feelings on the paper, it is kind of releasing stress.

My Writing Goals

Go back to this post, I’ll keep record on how I decided and actually work on the 2013 Resolution Projects. Here, I’m announcing one of the major goals: Writing.

Basically, there are several projects about writing:

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How to Organize 2013 Resolutions

It has been a year since this blog is launched. By reviewing what I have done, it is quite disappointing that I didn’t publish as much blog post as I supposed to do. This blog was almost gave up from my procrastination.

As the coming of year 2013, it is time to evaluate the new year resolutions. I’m not going to share my personal review or resolutions in details (may be later, but not now!).

I used to write down everything (including Resolutions, Monthly Plan, Weekly plan, Progress log sheet, etc.,) into a 2-ring binder, spending quite a long time in writing each plan every week. It was fun at the first 3 months, but  I, turn out, could not keep for long. I had so many excuses:

  • sicked for a month;
  • busy of work;
  • got addicted to TV programs (Bones, House, CSI, Grimm, …)

In order to avoid being failure again, the Resolutions Project should be simplify for easier maintain. Here I would like to show you how I organize the New Year Resolutions as an entire project.

Visualizing Help: Keep a nice notebook

I love handwriting, writing by hand helps me to focus better than typing on keyboard. There is study shown that moving your pen on paper does boost the brain activity and goal achievement. And a nice handwriting on your favorite notebook could make you feel satisfy.

For building my writing habit, I currently keep writing a Daily Journal and a Inspiration Journal.
2013-01-13 01.31.08
The left (red) one = Inspiration Journal; the middle (gold) one = Daily Journal; the right (brown) one = brand new.
I love these series of journal, On the Road, thus I bought 3 of them. I’m still considering what to do with the last brand new one.

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