How to Organize 2013 Resolutions

It has been a year since this blog is launched. By reviewing what I have done, it is quite disappointing that I didn’t publish as much blog post as I supposed to do. This blog was almost gave up from my procrastination.

As the coming of year 2013, it is time to evaluate the new year resolutions. I’m not going to share my personal review or resolutions in details (may be later, but not now!).

I used to write down everything (including Resolutions, Monthly Plan, Weekly plan, Progress log sheet, etc.,) into a 2-ring binder, spending quite a long time in writing each plan every week. It was fun at the first 3 months, but  I, turn out, could not keep for long. I had so many excuses:

  • sicked for a month;
  • busy of work;
  • got addicted to TV programs (Bones, House, CSI, Grimm, …)

In order to avoid being failure again, the Resolutions Project should be simplify for easier maintain. Here I would like to show you how I organize the New Year Resolutions as an entire project.

Visualizing Help: Keep a nice notebook

I love handwriting, writing by hand helps me to focus better than typing on keyboard. There is study shown that moving your pen on paper does boost the brain activity and goal achievement. And a nice handwriting on your favorite notebook could make you feel satisfy.

For building my writing habit, I currently keep writing a Daily Journal and a Inspiration Journal.
2013-01-13 01.31.08
The left (red) one = Inspiration Journal; the middle (gold) one = Daily Journal; the right (brown) one = brand new.
I love these series of journal, On the Road, thus I bought 3 of them. I’m still considering what to do with the last brand new one.

Category the Resolutions into Projects

We always have a lot of things we want to accomplish, jot down all of them and group them into different project areas. For easier, you might put them based on your values.

In the Inspiration Journal, I put down any paragraph I’ve read that inspiring me. And at the beginning several pages, I wrote down my 2013 Resolutions according to the projects. Remember to keep 1-2 pages for each project, you need rooms of expending and revision.

Here is a example on my resolutions on Personal Development:
2013-01-13 01.32.16

I, myself, arrange my 2013 Resolutions into 5 project areas:

  1. Study
  2. Personal Development
  3. Relationship & Mindset
  4. Family
  5. Others

Leave Rooms for Revising Resolutions

This is easy to access (at the beginning of journal) and well organized.  The resolutions could be reviewed and amended whenever necessary. If there are ideas that I want to add or adjust, it is just simply write it on the spare area (there are plenty of rooms).

Organize the Monthly/Weekly Plan

Apart from the Resolution Projects as above, it is always important to scheduling what to do.

I used to write daily to-do list, but the tasks were almost the same everyday due to my routine lifestyle. It made me bored on writing the to-do list in daily basis.

To simplicity Thus I decided to keep a Monthly/Weekly Plan for scheduling the progress of resolution projects.

This is a draft of month plan, which might be revised without the calendar, and I will add a monthly review of how I stick with the plan at  the end of each month.

2013-01-13 02.10.17
**This is a draft version, let see how I revised it on the next month**

The weekly plan is relatively a bit details, but not so details as my life is simple, there is seldom special arrangements and appointments.

2013-01-13 01.29.07

Similar as monthly plan, I break down the monthly goals into mini-goals and assign them in weekly basis. For whatever couldn’t be accomplished on time, just move it on the next week for  keep working.

Work on your style

There are tons of style on organizing your resolutions (if you have one), try any of them that interest you and see how it goes. You don’t have to follow what I’ve done or anyone else. Just develop you style.


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