Writing Goals

As you are reading this post, get interests from the title: Writing Goals, I assume that you like writing as well. Writing is always one of my passion since I was a child, I loved reading and wanted to express myself by words, it provides a unlimited imaginary space. I just always  think of being a writer, making wishes on writing every year, but…. I procrastinating for life!

As a general small potato in Hong Kong, I work in the environment using Chinese. There aren’t many chances in using English after I graduate. Until recent years, I have feeling that my English is lagging behind since I haven’t been using it often in my daily life. I feel insecure and definitely would like to improve  it asap!!! What I can come up with are reading and writing in English for practicing. Thus I spend more time on reading English novels, non-fictions, and blog articles. And I started writing journal in English from last year, for building a writing habit up.

Most of the time, I enjoy my time in journaling, putting feelings on the paper, it is kind of releasing stress.

My Writing Goals

Go back to this post, I’ll keep record on how I decided and actually work on the 2013 Resolution Projects. Here, I’m announcing one of the major goals: Writing.

Basically, there are several projects about writing:


a record of life, on how I work towards the goals, spend for the day and keep track on the progress.

I have two separate journals, the one I use most is a daily journal. It keeps how I feel in a day as a dairy and apart from how I go through the day, I involve a mini-section as gratitude journal in every entry. Just to briefly write down what I’m gratitude for the day. For example:

  • a lovely sunny weather;
  • a cute bird that come to my window;
  • decluttering my closet; etc

And the other one is a inspiration journal. That is a new idea and I haven’t written very much on it. It is all about my goals on Personal Development and inspiration (of course, that why I called it “inspiration journal”). At the first section (6-8 pages), I wrote down 2013 Resolutions in project basis, listed out all I want to do this year. Afterward, it is about anything ideas and articles that inspire me. I would write down with some personal opinions and comments. Sometimes, it is a part of blog article, a movie or my leisure readings.

Creative Writing

This is another project that hang in my head for ages. I begin with establishing another blog for it: Writing Island

This is a platform for publishing my creative writing project. To take it in baby step, I started writing a short story. I have drafted the story-line and started writing on it.  You are all welcome to come for a look and leave me comments, I will be very appreciate for it.

Writing habits

Developing a good writing habits is essential for me. As with the journaling and creative writing projects, I manage to keep writing at least 10 minutes. I know, it sounds nothing for 10 minutes, but all I want to do is set up a time and write everyday.

As far as I know, it would be much better if I can set up my writing schedule regularly (at the same and place), unfortunately it is impossible for my shift working hours.

Thus I always write the short story (creative writing project) while I’m on the way to office or back home. I use Evernote, at the smartphone, that would synchronize to the Evernote web. Thus I could access through all client applications: my office, home, smartphone & tablet.

Learning to write

Besides practice, it is necessary to heard from professional. There are plenty of websites and blogs teaching writing technique. Here are some of my favorite:

Jeff Goins Writer: http://goinswriter.com/

The Write Practice: http://thewritepractice.com/

Write to Done: http://writetodone.com/

These is my writing goals on 2013, how about you? Are you plan for anything?


6 thoughts on “Writing Goals

    • Hi Gwen,
      Thank you very much for your comment. Yes, improving writing is very much on really making it happen – to write. I always cannot express well in English, this is what I most concerning. But I will keep writing anyway. And I’ve visit your blog, it is so inspiring that you love writing so much. I hope I can be like you someday.

      • You’re too kind. Good luck with your writing goals – and keep at it!

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