Passion of studying

Continue with my 2013 Resolution Projects, this is another most popular project that come up my mind, for all years. I’m using the term “studying” instead of “learning” because I enjoy being a student.

It is interesting that I used to believe I would not study any more after secondary school (similar as high school in US) since I didn’t enjoy my school life. I was unmotivated and aimless, just gathered with classmates walking around (not the type of bad students but certainly not the good one, I believed no teachers would remembered who I was at all) I didn’t know what I was doing for that 5 years!

But lucky I got a chance to study the Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, that my life had been changed. I found my interests and somehow satisfied at my college life (by the way, I have never been a straight A student).

And now, you might not agree with, but I like reading course material and taking note, much more than learning a particular skill or sport.

How to be passionate at studying/learning?

I know there are many people struggling in studying, who might never getting back to study after graduate, could not find out their interests in studying. Therefore here we would like to share the traits on how to explore our passion of learning…

Understanding your insufficient

You could be happy with a stable job, working 0900-1700 (that never happened in Hong Kong), with a routine life for ages. It is fine, but not enough.
Can you imagine that how the world changes when you live in your “stable life”? You are getting behind and eliminating when everyone are improving themselves  You get lost in those changing environment and technology.

This is a scarcity world, resources (time, money, etc.,) are limited, but the knowledge is infinite  Please remember: Life is too short!

You are not superman

You don’t have to do well in all subjects, you are not perfect human.

I’m not asking you to give up any subjects, but you need to understand your strengths and weaknesses. it is common that people who good at languages feeling difficult in mathematics. This is all about how our brain works.

Every subjects are interesting, try digging down for exploration. Don’t give up the subjects you hate, but explore the interesting element of it, which may not be the actual content but the concepts behind or the satisfaction after tackling the problem (this is usually applied on science subjects). I used to hate electrical mechanics as I confused with the equations, but the satisfaction is irreplaceable when you solved a question. Don’t miss it.

Make time to have fun — live as a student

Enjoy your school life, go gathering with friends, having fun can help to make rest of brain, improve memory and creativity. Try to make friends with people who love studying (or learning) new stuff, hang out with them and you will all be enriched.

Make time for rest

Same here, you need time for a break, as a recovery of your mind and body. There is an idiom in Chinese, “Resting is preparing for a longer run”.

Seek help if needed — don’t be shy

Go to your tutor (or teachers, if you are in school). Seeking help and support , not only for the content of subjects but for the study skills. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, remember that they are paid for helping you. Asking the right question can definitely critical.

Knowledge connection — Holistic learning

Connect what you learn with what you already know. It is one of the traits that I learn from an online course, Learn More Study Less, by Scott Young
He inspired me a lot, I’ll write a post for reviewing this course later — his course materials are missive, with a lot of videos as well. I love that and review it time to time (I couldn’t manipulate all of them, I need time) — highly recommended!

This is a fair game

This one is abit personal. When my life is suck, I do much better in studying. There are many uncontrollable factors in different parts of life: relationship, family, friendship or sometimes career, since they are all dualing with people. You cannot control how others react or how they appreciate what you have done. Being good to people will not guarantee positive results.

But studying is relatively stright forward. The harder you work, the better you get in return. Especially when you are learning it from heart (not for marks only), it is easier to be focus without distraction. You can get proportional rewards for you paid. It is just so simple.

Thus I go back to my studying whenever I get hurt. This is one of my ways for healing breaking up.

After all, in 2013…
I have a big plan on studying, but with limited cost. I am now searching course information on Postgraduate level: part-time, self-study or distance learning. Here is the one that I like most:

Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Business School: MBA (distance learning)
Pros 1: affordable (paid by module)
Pros 2: very flexible (able to register exam whenever I’m ready)
Pros 3: well structure on course material
Pros 4: the biggest distance learning MBA in the world (should be better support?!)
Cons 1: no assignment but only one exam (will I be procrastinated?)
Cons 2: very hard (comment from graduate students)
Cons 3: no dissertation
Cons 4: no international accreditation

It is hard but challenging!

[updated: I’ve got 1 more option]….

Open University of Hong Kong: MBA (distance learning)
Pros 1: affordable (paid by module)
Pros 2: relatively flexible (able to select my personal study plan)
Pros 3: with assignments and exam
Cons 1: relatively low reputation in Hong Kong (but well known)
Cons 2: relatively hard (comment from graduate students)
Cons 3: no dissertation
Cons 4: no international accreditation

I’m currently struggling between these two programs, I like:
OUHK: with assignments (for avoiding procrastination)
HW EBS: with higher flexibility (no duration) and structured course materials


3 thoughts on “Passion of studying

  1. Hi Whimunga, it’s very inspiring what you are saying. Our whole life is actually a learning experience. I am sometimes afraid that I will always be a student and never a teacher. I mean I study so many things and might never get to use the knowledge I started as a nurse, I got Master’s degree in biology, and now studying a Diploma in Counselling, and a double bachelor degree in business and psychology. Honestly I don’t know what I am going to do with all these, but I will keep going. I love studying as well. But it’s important to apply the knowledge too, not just store it in your head.

  2. It would be great hearing you keep studying. After my BSc in Engineering and MSc in Library Science, I was kind of stopped academic study and learnt several interest class: e.g. computer animation — it was a lot of FUN! 🙂 Until lately, I would like to “restart” my academic study again.
    Regarding to implement knowledge, I have a bit different points of view: of course it is better if we can apply our knowledge in life, but it is still good to study some “not related” subjects. No matter which subject we study, it is a training of how we are thinking, it helps to explore our insights and keep us motivated.

  3. Hi Wihmunga,
    I was one of those people that hated learning for quite a long time. I have now realized that the reason for this was that I was learning to improve my employability. I now study subjects which I’m passionate about. This has reawakened my intrigue for learning, I can’t get enough.

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