Is Information Overwhelming You?

Here you are! After we figured out our weaknesses, decide the goals as specific as you can that we would like to accomplished and make sure you are able to achieve.

Note: it is not necessary to improve all of them (Don’t kid yourself, it is not possible!). Just choose which parts you would like to focus and how you get that.

Let’s move it….

This is the most familiar part that we all do it every Jan and give up on Feb.  We might set resolution on losing 20lbs, get A grade in exam, double our income…and we were excited to achieving it. Do you, however, remember what did it turn out to be on Feb (or a week later)? We lost our passion, procrastinated and just dropped it.

(This is the human of nature, we all procrastinated! Regarding to the problems of procrastination, we will talk about it later.)

You are new age person with high technology sense, you might search on goals setting  in order to avoid the pattern (goals set and failed). But it comes up with an ocean of search results, there are just too many instructions on goal setting and achievement.


So, how would you going to due with this?

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What is it all about?

What is this blog all about?

Do you wondering why are you here? Probably you are just be here by accident, but don’t worry, I just want to show you what you are going to get from here….

Hi! I’m Wihmunga from Hong Kong, just an ordinary people (like most people do!). After I graduated from the university, I worked in media industry and obtained master degree in part-time basis. It was so much fun! and I had finally realized how wonderful of studying after graduation.

As you might know, Hong Kong is a busy city, we all work crazy and our life is all with BUSY BUSY BUSY…!!


Do you familiar with this working environment?

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