Passion of studying

Continue with my 2013 Resolution Projects, this is another most popular project that come up my mind, for all years. I’m using the term “studying” instead of “learning” because I enjoy being a student.

It is interesting that I used to believe I would not study any more after secondary school (similar as high school in US) since I didn’t enjoy my school life. I was unmotivated and aimless, just gathered with classmates walking around (not the type of bad students but certainly not the good one, I believed no teachers would remembered who I was at all) I didn’t know what I was doing for that 5 years!

But lucky I got a chance to study the Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, that my life had been changed. I found my interests and somehow satisfied at my college life (by the way, I have never been a straight A student).

And now, you might not agree with, but I like reading course material and taking note, much more than learning a particular skill or sport.

How to be passionate at studying/learning?

I know there are many people struggling in studying, who might never getting back to study after graduate, could not find out their interests in studying. Therefore here we would like to share the traits on how to explore our passion of learning…

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