Writing Goals

As you are reading this post, get interests from the title: Writing Goals, I assume that you like writing as well. Writing is always one of my passion since I was a child, I loved reading and wanted to express myself by words, it provides a unlimited imaginary space. I just always  think of being a writer, making wishes on writing every year, but…. I procrastinating for life!

As a general small potato in Hong Kong, I work in the environment using Chinese. There aren’t many chances in using English after I graduate. Until recent years, I have feeling that my English is lagging behind since I haven’t been using it often in my daily life. I feel insecure and definitely would like to improve  it asap!!! What I can come up with are reading and writing in English for practicing. Thus I spend more time on reading English novels, non-fictions, and blog articles. And I started writing journal in English from last year, for building a writing habit up.

Most of the time, I enjoy my time in journaling, putting feelings on the paper, it is kind of releasing stress.

My Writing Goals

Go back to this post, I’ll keep record on how I decided and actually work on the 2013 Resolution Projects. Here, I’m announcing one of the major goals: Writing.

Basically, there are several projects about writing:

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Making productivity: to-do tasks

I have to admit that last post was a bit boring, I’ve been running several new habits that my time management is a bit confused (time management should be another topic that we will go through). Last post shown how to define and setup goals. But, Goal setting =/= Goal achieving !

There are certainly tons of things we need to do afterward, an action plan is necessary to create that providing the whole picture of the goal achievement. It should contains the tasks, expected completion date, resources required, and target.

Here I’m trying to use myself as an example. Let’s see how I work on for that…

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