Ways to stay focus – Part 2

After the last article that we discuss about the external section of how to focus, we are now going in depth: the internal section.

Let’s first define what is the internal here: it is the physical and mental aspects of your body. Apart from the external environment, you should be able to fully control these internal section.

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Ways to stay focus – Part 1

Why there are some people more productive? They are just able to work faster… Why?

One of the reasons is about concentration, usually we are easily be distracted during working (or studying), it is definitely important for how we stay focus.  This article is the part one on helping you how to focusing your mind.

The ways of focusing are basically divided into 2 sections, the 1st section is about external — Environment.

If you want to keep focus at your office, this part might not help you much as most setting of the environment is probably out of your control. But if you are a student,  working as home office, or study after work. You can being focus by simply changing the environment. Here are some tips:

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