A quick trait of being motivated

At the beginning of this blog, as usual as my past year, I decided to write down all my plan at the computer, I didn’t even think to print it out (it sounds cool that everything run at e-format).  I’m, still, using jorte apps at  my smartphone for scheduling. It is very convenience as I can keep amending and  updating with Google.

For the Weekly/Daily Plan, I used to write at an Android apps “Doit.im” which was under GTD format and able to syn with my PC at home & office.

However I was not enjoy in using this since it was very rigid that allowed to input text only. I couldn’t use symbols, drawing & tables….a bit boring!

After years and years of goals failure, that I ended up forgot all about my so called “Resolutions”, I started to think how to keep my passion. Thus I would like to create my personal binder file in personal development.

During my searching on personal development, I found some interesting sharing on (all from female, don’t know why): organization. Some of them even shared that they created a binder file on personal growth, I could see how excited when they were introducing their binder file (or sometimes in a notebook/planner format). Then I though “It looks so cute and interesting, why don’t I create one for myself?”.

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